How do you charge for your services?

Most of our work is done at our competitive hourly rates.

What about “alternative fee” arrangements?

The term “alternative fee” can mean many different things, such as a hybrid hourly/contingent fee, a flat fee, or a reduced fee with a bonus for results obtained. We will be glad to propose and/or consider any fee arrangement that suits your case and your needs.

How much will it cost to handle my case?

The total cost of litigation can be difficult to estimate due to the number of variables involved. In many cases, however, we can upon request provide our best estimate of total fees and costs, or a litigation budget.

How do you handle expenses?

In all cases, the client pays out-of-pocket expenses. All expenses are billed at cost, with no mark-up. We will endeavor to keep expenses reasonable, consistent with giving you the best representation. What this means is that although we will incur all expenses necessary to aggressively represent you, we will not, for example, fly first-class at your expense.

Do you require a retainer?

We handle this on a case-by-case basis. We usually require a retainer from new clients, and from out-of-state and all non-U.S. clients.

Can a small firm handle my case?

Yes! An organized and effective small firm can handle your case more efficiently and at less cost than a large firm.

Have you ever handled a case like mine?

Chances are, we have, but remember that trial lawyers specialize in litigation, not a substantive area of law such as real estate transactions or formation of companies. Moreover, the facts of every case are different. You want a lawyer who is an expert in the litigation process, and a quick study with regard to the facts and substantive law of your case.

What will it cost to meet with you about handling my case?

Nothing. We never charge to find out whether or not we can help you. If you decide to engage us as your counsel, then we will request that you sign an agreement that will fully describe all terms of our engagement.

Do you accept contingent fee cases?

Yes, but we are very selective about accepting cases on a purely contingent fee basis. Many cases do not lend themselves to such an arrangement, and in some cases a contingent fee arrangement may not be in the client’s best interest. We will be glad to discuss whether or not such an arrangement works for you and your case.