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contract disputes

Contract law governs many of the cases that we handle. Strictly speaking, many of the cases that we call real estate litigation or business litigation are really contract disputes. Contracts take an infinite number of forms, including supply contracts, distribution agreements, insurance policies, earnest money contracts, leases, purchase and sale agreements, listing agreements, oil and gas leases, gas delivery contracts, employment agreements, limited liability company agreements, company bylaws, and partnership agreements. We have handled cases involving all of these types of contracts, and more. In most cases, a contract need not be in writing to be enforceable; however, proving the terms of a verbal contract can be challenging. A contract can also be made just by the parties’ behavior, such as when one company issues a purchase order to a second company and the second company responds by shipping goods, or when a company makes purchases from another company knowing the price of the goods and the price that the seller charges.   

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