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real estate

We have experience in all types of real estate litigation. Real estate litigation takes many forms. Neighboring property owners may have disputes about where the boundaries between their properties lie, which may also give rise to issues about encroachment by a structure onto neighboring property. Easement rights are frequently a source of litigation, including disputes over valid use of an easement and interference with the use of an easement. Disputes often arise over title to real property, or whether or not a lien on property is valid and enforceable. Disputes may also arise from construction and whether or not a contractor, supplier, or subcontractor is entitled to a statutory or constitutional lien to secure payment for goods and services. Commercial landlords and tenants also have disputes over many types of issues, such as whether the lease has been breached and if so, what the respective responsibilities of the landlord and tenant are according to law and the terms of the lease. 

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